Style Secret: Walmart has good clothes – T-Shirt Edition

I know everyone reading that title is thinking to themselves what is this guy on about. I’m not buying my clothes at the same place I can buy food. It’s a fair sentiment to make but if you can get past the weirdness of it, doing some clothes shopping at Walmart can up your style on the cheap. In this style secret series, I’m going to convince you that you get certain parts of your wardrobe at Walmart and save your wallet. Let’s start with the T-shirt.

Walmart logo

Everyone considers Walmart bottom of the barrel in terms of quality. Now obviously this reputation has come from somewhere. A lot of products at Walmart are low-quality material. That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t some gems hidden in there. The first gem I’m going to recommend is the George T-Shirt. I personally own about 4 of their crew necks and 2 v-neck t-shirts and will certainly be adding more to my wardrobe!

Style Secret: George T-Shirts

I wear T-shirts in two different ways. The first being the primary shirt of the outfit. In the summer when you’re heading to the beach or having a casual meet up the t-shirt only look can be a chill, light, stylish option. For these shirts, I generally go for a higher quality brand than George just because it’s my main piece to the outfit and is fully exposed. However, the second main role of t-shirts in my wardrobe is as a layering piece. This is where a cheap and reliable brand like George really shines as a style secret.

Two t-shirts form George one is navy and one is grey at their price both are a style secret
 Example of some George T-Shirts


George T-shirts are honestly a pretty quality shirt. They are 58% cotton, 27% polyester, and 5% spandex. I really like the stretch the spandex provides as it allows the shirts to become much more fitted. I’ve also yet to notice any shrinkage after multiple runs through the washer and dryer. The shirts generally last as long as an average shirt. I’ve had a couple for 2 years and while they may have faded a bit are still viable wears. In terms of the sizing and the fit of the shirt, it’s a bit of a different question but I’ll talk about that in the next section.

Overall I’d rate the quality at about 7/10, a real decent shirt for the price.


Now the fit of these shirts in your true size is just plain bad. They have some taper to them but have really broad shoulders and wide arms. I generally fill out a large shirt in most brands with somewhat of a tight fit. In a George shirt, however, I find myself swimming in their large. It’s not exactly an ideal style secret if they don’t fit.

So why the hell am I recommending them if their shirts don’t fit?

Easy. If you size the shirts down a size (so for me instead of a large I wear a medium), these things fit like a glove. I feel like the shirts are designed for larger people so if you’re looking for a looser or more casual fit you may want to stay true to size. This sizing down trick doesn’t only work for me. I’ve recently got my roommate on the George train (he also wears the medium but is usually a large) as well as my other friend (X-large down to large) and both love the fit. We all know how important wearing clothes that fit is right??

Guy wears 5XL shirt which is too big.
      If your shirt could fit two of you inside it, it’s too big!

If you’re finding the fit a bit clunky and big, I would definitely recommend trying the size down!

As a side note, I’ve been wearing the George shirts for coming up on 2 years and haven’t noticed any changes in their fit to date. Now that I know I fit their medium I just go in and pick one out without the need to try one on. You’re probably only going to want to try them on once as getting a change room at Walmart is like climbing Everest; it generally involves chasing down about a dozen Walmart employees until you find one that actually has a key and no they won’t help you track one down.

cartoon of two employees joking about providing bad customer service
     Walmart in a nutshell

*Apparently you can avoid the whole Walmart shopping experience now and order online directly from Walmart. However, I would still recommend heading in at least once to find your size!


Last but certainly not least, the biggest asset George shirts have going for them is their insanely low prices. A good crew neck tee is one of the most versatile pieces in any man’s wardrobe so getting them for a great price can really save us some money. I’ve seen them priced a little bit differently at different points but generally, you can pick them up for $5-8 per shirt. At their quality and that price, this style secret is too good of a deal not to take!

Kevin Durant singing "were gonna save that money" in the lil dicky music video for save dat money


If you’re anything like me or a lot of other style connoisseurs, then lots of your outfits have layering to them. Whether it’s a t-shirt underneath a plaid shirt or a sweater, adding layering to an outfit can add depth to your outfit, dressing up your look and at the same time help keep you warm in colder environments. The cheap George t-shirts great as layering undershirts at a steal of a price for just $5-8. The shirts are a great style secret to get you some quality clothes while saving you some money.

I’ll just come out and say it, it’s going to feel weird having your clothes and your 10lb bag of rice in the same cart. But, if you can get past the weirdness, Walmart offers very affordable options for a lot of your wardrobe essentials.

Have you tried the George T-Shirts? Do you have any style secrets we should know about? Let us know!