Style Saturday FAQ

What is Style Saturday?

This Category will highlight great outfits and styles worn by the most stylish people I know, you guys. Posts will be short write-ups with lots of pictures and posted every Saturday. We know you guys have some awesome personalized styles and we’d love to give you a platform to show them off! All Style Saturday posts will have all clothes specified so you can add the items to your own wardrobe!

How Can I get my Outfits Featured?

If you would like to be featured, send us your photos of your outfit, the names of the clothes you’re wearing, where we can get it and how much the outfit costs! Also if possible it would be cool if you posted the size of the clothes and your size so we can see how the clothes fit.

We’ll review submissions and present the best outfits as well as some awesome styles you guys rock!

How Can I Submit My Outfit?

To make your submission send your outfit pictures and all other requirements (make, cost, size) in an email to

Can I Still Submit My Pictures If I’m Not Comfortable Showing My Face?

Feel free to show your face in the pictures or crop it out if you’re not comfortable! Also, if you would like us to share your Instagram or other social media feel free to send us that information as well!

Why Did My Comment Get Blocked?

It takes a lot of guts to post pictures of your style online for people to judge. We want to create a positive environment. Constructive criticism is fine, but don’t be a douche! If so your comment will be deleted!

Can I Make More Than One Submission?

Please only send in each outfit with one submission, however, feel free to submit more than one outfit!

How Will Outfits be Selected?

We will go through all of the submissions and post the ones we feel show off great style and meet all of the other submission requirements of style Saturday.

Why Didn’t My Outfit get selected?

The main reason your outfit may not get selected is that it did not meet the specified requirements for submission (ex. Missing Name of your shirt, Missing price of jeans). See How Can I get my Outfits Featured? for requirements.

If your outfit matched all of the outlined requirements and still wasn’t selected it could be due to a variety of reasons.

  • Poor quality pictures
  • Mistakes in product ID or price
  • We just didn’t feel your outfit was stylish

Also just because your post wasn’t instantly shared doesn’t mean it won’t ever be! We get a lot of submissions and due to this may have older posts in line and may post your outfit in the future!

Feel free to email us with any questions about your submission!

We Look Forward to Seeing Your Awesome Style Saturday Submissions!