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What are Strapping Style Rants & Raves?

We all know that feeling, sitting quietly minding our own business when all of a sudden we see something that triggers us. We instantly feel the need to tell everyone all the problems with an outfit or trend. Our Rants & Raves section will provide us with just that, an outlet to pour out our completely over-reactionary anger for outfits or styles. Us here at Strapping Style are just like you we have these style rants built up as well! This section will have posts from us, in addition, to you guys!

What Style of Writing Should Submissions Be?

We know we have some great writers out there so we’re leaving submission styles up to you guys! We recommend your rant to either be informative or funny … or both! While ranting is always a great exercise to get something off your chest, we still want these posts to provide some value! So submit us your best style rants!

How Can I get my Rants & Raves Featured?

If you would like to be featured, send us a write-up of your rant. We’ll review your submissions and present the best rants & raves!

Rules for Submissions

  • Articles are no more or less than 300-750 words!
  • No derogatory, racist or discriminatory language!
  • No photos that are not of yourself!

Any article that doesn’t meet all of the outlined requirements will not be considered for being posted on Rants & Raves.

Can I Make More Than One Submission?

Please only send each rant only once, however, feel free to submit more than one rant!

How Will Rants & Raves be Selected?

We will go through all of the submissions and post the ones we feel show off funny or informative rants in addition to meeting all of the other submission requirements of Rants & Raves.

Why Didn’t My Rant get selected?

The main reason your rant may not get selected is that it did not meet the specified requirements for submission like not being the correct length or containing inappropriate language. See Rules for submissions for all requirements to ensure your submission is valid.

Just because your post wasn’t instantly shared doesn’t mean it won’t ever be! We get a lot of submissions and due to this may have older posts in line and may post your rant in the future!

Feel free to email us with any questions about your submission!

We Look Forward to Seeing Your Awesome Rants & Raves Submissions!