Men’s Style Guideline: The Importance of Versatility

The next article in our Men’s Style Guideline series is going to cover the principle of versatility. Versatility is a key component in developing your wardrobe. In future articles, we’ll outline some of the key versatile pieces we think should be in every man’s closet.

For the record when I say versatility I’m talking about clothes that can fit in multiple outfits, I’m not talking about reversible jackets!

Swiss Army Knife with the words versatility written underneath it
We want a couple Swiss Army knives in our wardrobe

Men’s Style Guideline: The Importance of Versatility

The key behind this whole style guideline is the importance of versatility in your wardrobe. When I first got into actually caring about my style I was overwhelmed. I was hearing about all this expensive stuff that I didn’t have and all the wardrobe pieces I was missing.

Ultimately I felt like it was going to take a fortune to turn over my style and as a university student, I just didn’t have the money. It left me in limbo where I almost just gave up. One day, however, I read an awesome post or Reddit that completely changed my perspective on building my wardrobe.

The advice was  “Don’t buy individual outfits – look for versatile clothes that can be mixed and matched.”

Now for me, this was a gamechanger. It brought me to the mindset where my closet changeover didn’t have to happen instantly. I slowly would add versatile pieces to my wardrobe (a process I’m still doing today) and over time my wardrobe would come together. If you can get some of the more essential pieces that are versatile you can mix and match what you have to get a ton of outfits.

pair of blue jeans on wood table which represent the men's style guideline of versatile clothes
A quality pair of blue jeans is a great example of a versatile piece

In future posts, I’m planning to list a lot of what I consider to be key versatile pieces in future posts that I’ll link below, so make sure to stay on top of our posts!


This was a pretty quick article because well it’s really not a difficult concept. It is, however, a crucial style principle and an important men’s style guideline. Adding a few key pieces to your wardrobe with some versatility can completely revamp your closet and provide you with a ton of potential outfits! As I mentioned I’ll go over a list of wardrobe basics in future posts, so stay tuned!

What are your versatile pieces that fit into all of your outfits? Let us know!