Fedora Fashion: The Curious Case of the Fedora

In today’s style rant, I give my take on the polarizing men’s style discussion of fedora fashion.


Fedora Fashion History

The controversial men’s headpiece was once a pillar of male style. Between the 20’s and 50’s, the fedora was a fashion must-have, with many well-known celebrities and stylish men wearing the hat; It was the go-to hat to wear in ensemble with a suit. As time progressed, however, the fedora fell out of favor with the dressed up suit style and transitioned to become a more dressed down look associated with hipsters.

Today the fedora currently has a reputation of being worn by a less than fashionable category of men identified as ‘neckbeards’.

Whats a Neckbeard you may ask?

Well let’s hear the definition from Wikipedia

Neckbeard is a pejorative term for people with negative stereotypes such as social awkwardness, underachievement or pretentiousness.[1][2] The term is often associated with neck hair growth and may refer to overweight unkempt internet users with strong political views.[2][3][4] Neckbeards are also associated with Dungeons & DragonsMagic: The GatheringMy Little Pony and certain games.[5] They tend to have hair growth on their neck and sometimes wear fedoras. Neckbeards have been called the “neard”.[6] Neckbeards have often been associated with various communities, including feminismincels[7] and men’s rights movements.[8]

Probably not a definition most of us here at Strapping Style want being associated with our look…

The Con of the Fedora

Now just because the fedora is commonly worn by neckbeards, doesn’t mean that the hat can’t still be stylish and a solid accessory to an outfit. In my opinion, by wearing a fedora, you’re starting yourself off in the hole. By that, I mean that every time most people see you rocking a fedora their first impression is going to be that you’re a neckbeard. Now if your well groomed and sporting a fashionable outfit I’m sure this judgment would change pretty fast, but still.

As we all know how important first impressions can be to our relationships. It’s a lot harder to change someone’s opinion compared to starting off on the right foot. I believe anything we can do to optimize our first impression is a huge benefit. On the same token, anything like a fedora which could have you labeled in a poor light just isn’t worth it!

Wearing the fedora may be doing more harm to your style game then good!

But I’ve seen Mad Men’s Don Draper Rock a Fedora…

American singer Frank Sinatra posing for a photo while wearing a fedora
1961 — The popular American singer Frank Sinatra is shown here in this closeup photo smiling. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Now even as I’m writing this I can hear that small voice in my head reminding me of Jon Hamm and Frank Sinatra completely pulling off the fedora.


Also, who can say Indiana Jones looked bad in a fedora??


Well-known style legend Frank Sinatra shows it is certainly possible to look stylish in a fedora.

On this site, however, we look at majorities rather than anomalies. With the current association to neckbeards, rocking the fedora may have you getting some unfair judgment.

With so many other stylish hat options available we recommend ditching the fedora


If the fedora fits your personal style and you feel you can rock it, by no means am I saying you shouldn’t. Hell if the fedora matches the look you’re going for and you can actually pull it off then including this accessory might give you a peacocking style edge. Just be wary about some of the connotations that may come along with it!


Closing Thoughts

I went out to write this article with all intentions on putting the fedora in a body bag. After really thinking about the hat I’d say my opinion definitely changed a little. While fedoras currently have the poor maybe undeserved reputation of being the key identifier of a neckbeard; I feel that as a style connoisseur you can use this to your advantage. If you’re looking for a peacocking syle edge to set you apart from some of the more popular trends, adding a fedora to your wardrobe could be a viable option. Be prepared however to be identified as a hipster or neckbeard at first sight! And for the love of god if you do opt for the fedora fashion, please don’t start saying m’lady!!

If you’re on the fence, however, I’d personally recommend ditching the fedora and going for some other hat options. There are plenty of other great options out there that aren’t going to have you instantly labeled!

Let Me Know How You Guys Feel About The Fedora Fashion Trend!

Neckbeard tipping his fedora in a gif

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