Anson Belt Review: The Best Belts on the Market?

The belt world is beginning to change as we see the rise in popularity of micro-adjustable belts over traditional belts. Micro-adjustable belts remove the need for conventional holes and offer much more customization than conventional belts. One of the leaders of the belt revolution is the company Anson Belt & Buckle. As an owner of an Anson belt myself, I’m going to give an honest Anson belt review. I’m going to cover the benefits of the micro-adjustable belt, what makes Anson belts so great, a couple of the things I don’t like about the belts, some examples of the belts and finally if I think they are worth it.

For starters, let’s go over what a micro-adjustable belt is and why they’re awesome.

What is a Micro-Adjustable Belt?

So what the hell is a micro-adjustable belt? The new development in belts is changing the game by removing the need conventional belt holes. Instead, the belt operates by locking in with a grooved slider pictured below.

Sliding track on blue nylon Anson Belt
Sliding track on an Anson micro-adjustable belt

What are the Benefits of a Micro-Adjustable Belt?

  1. The grooved sliding track allows for a much more custom fit compared to a traditional belt with 1″ gaps between holes.
  2. The Anson belt allows for 1/4″ adjustments allowing for a much more comfortable and proper fit.
  3. No need to yank on your belt to fit the closet hole, leaving your belt look less wrangled and worn

Okay now that we’re all on the same page that micro-adjustable belts are awesome, let’s look at the Anson Belt & Buckle.

three anson belts with gold and silver buckles and black leather, brown leather and tan leather straps
An example of the Anson Belt Gift Box with 3 straps and 2 buckles


About Anson Belt & Buckle

Just another reason to love Anson belts is that they are a family business and have an awesome story. They are a father and son team that really care about their customers. I’ve read a lot about the company and what customers have said and I’ve yet to see a negative review. The same goes for my personal experience buying from Anson Belts, no complaints. If you want to read more about them, check out there About Us section here.

anson belt owners frank feree and david feree posing for photo with the words we are a family business beside them

Anson Belt Review

Pros of the Anson Belt

Anson provides all the benefits of micro-adjustable belts like more customization allowing for a proper fit and less wear and tear from not having to yank on the belts but they have some other unique awesome features. Now here’s what sets Anson Belts apart.

  1. Extremely high quality. The quality of these things is exceptional, they have premium leather, nylon, canvas an many more options for straps. All the straps have high-quality material and stitching and hold together really well. The buckles are also top notch and are sturdy metal with so many options.
  2. They are interchangeable. This means if you get 3 straps and 2 buckles you basically have 6 belts. *If you’re belt straps and buckles are the same size (1.25″ or 1.5″)
  3. They have awesome customer service. They have a free lifetime warranty on their products. If you read the reviews on their site, there are tons of examples of them going above and beyond to help their customers out.
  4. They have an amazing box deal. For $99 in the US, you can get a combo of 3 straps and 2 buckles or the other way around. This is basically 6 high-quality micro-adjustable belts for under 100 bucks. You can always add another strap or buckle later and have even more options!
  5. The belts are one size fits all. The belts come ready to fit a 50″ waist and then you cut the belt to fit your waist size. If you’re confused at how to customize this don’t worry I was too! So here’s a great video by Alpha M. on how to size these guys to fit!

Cons of the Anson Belt

There are 2 main issues I’ve had with Anson Belts and neither of them is a tremendously big deal.

The first issue only applies to those that live outside the US. The $99 gift box deal with free shipping is an awesome deal if you live in the States however if you’re like me and don’t, that price is going to get a lot higher. When I bought the gift box deal, with shipping and handling, customs and the dollar conversion, the price came out to around $180 Canadian. Now it’s nowhere near as good as the American deal but even for $180, I’m still pretty happy with my purchase.

The second problem I found is that on my black belt buckle it has taken some dents already from regular use. It’s not that the material chips easy as much as that the color really highlights any dents that do occur. Maybe a more resistant paint would help? Either way, if you go for black make sure to take extra good care of it!

Anson belt review showing black buckle with some slight dents and scrapes
A couple scrapes on my black buckle

These are the only two issues I could think of for this Anson belt review and neither is that big of a deal.

Examples of Anson Belts

To finish off this Anson belt review I wanted to show a couple more pictures of the belts but if you want to see all of the options head over to Anson Belt and check them out!

3 anson belt straps and 2 buckles
Some of the many choices Anson offers!


3 anson belt straps with blue nylon, black canvas and brown leather and 2 anson buckles with gun metal silver and black
My personal Anson Belts

Straps (Top to Bottom): Black Canvas, Chocolate Vegetable Tanned Leather and Navy Nylon all 1.25″ wide

Buckles (Top to Bottom): Traditional Gun Metal Buckle and Traditional Black Buckle

*I plan to add another black leather 1.25″ strap to my collection and probably one of the classic gold buckles soon!


As you can clearly tell I’m a pretty big fan of Anson Belts. I think the product, the quality and awesome customer service coupled with the great deals makes Anson the leaders in the micro-adjustable belt category. Personally, I love the belts, I like the way they look, how they fit and the great customization options. This post was in no way sponsored and I’d recommend the belts to anyone. If you’re looking to up your belt game I hope this Anson belt review can help sway you! Check out their belts here!

Do you already own some Anson Belts? If so what do you think about them? Let us know!