Stop Making These 3 Stupid Shaving Mistakes!

If you’re a guy who likes the clean shaven look but is constantly cutting his face, not getting a clean shave or having irritated skin after shaving you have to read this! This will be Part 1 of a multipart series on how to shave and the best shaving gear on the market to have you looking and feeling your best. This article will focus on the normal cartridge razor for other shaving tips check out our other Skincare and Grooming articles! Now let’s learn about the shaving mistakes you might be making!

The Problems with not shaving properly

Some of us at Strapping Style opt for the clean shaven look in the morning, I, am one of those people. Over the years while shaving I’ve nicked my face more times than I can count. On top of that, I’ve had lot’s of trouble with uncomfortable dry skin after I finished shaving. This discomfort left me putting off shaving for days at a time which left me looking more than a little scraggly. Once I’ve started shaving properly, it’s become a part of my everyday routine and I look and feel so much better after a clean shave. I’m going to go over 3 of the biggest shaving mistakes I was making that were completely messing up my look and leaving me with irritated dry skin.


Man with shaving cream all over his face making shaving mistakes
Shaving Mistakes!

Mistake Number 1: You’re Not Using a Sharp Enough Razor

As a university student, trust me, I know the value of saving every last penny. I used to use the same razor head for months on end. This would end with the blades tugging hairs out rather than shaving them off. The result was a really uncomfortable shave. Not only was it just more painful, I also noticed I had to put in more force to get a clean shave. As a result of pushing the razor harder, I constantly found myself tearing my skin getting tons of small cuts. After looking around online I figured out I was using these cartridges way too long.

man shaving with dull razor in pain as he get razor burn
Shaving with a dull razor leads to razor burn!

During the past couple months, I now swap out my razor blade just about every month and the difference is crazy. The sharper razor just glides way better, leaving me with way fewer cuts, a closer shave and much less irritation after shaving! Having a sharp blade just makes shaving a much more enjoyable part of my grooming routine.

Now how often you should change your cartridge is a tough one. It really depends on the quality of the cartridge, and how often you’re shaving. If you’re using a high-quality cartridge, say one from Gilette, I would say you can get away with around 30 shaves. Obviously, 30 shaves isn’t a hard number but I generally find that around 30 I start to notice more tugging and longer hair follicles being left after a shave. So if we use  30 shaves as the number that’s basically going to cover us for a month at shaving every day. However, if you only shave every second or third day that’s going to extend the life of the cartridge.

This was the hardest of the shaving mistakes for me to change as I always try to get my money’s worth out of my products. However, changing out my razors more regularly has done so much for giving me a better shaving experience it’s worth the extra couple bucks a year!

Mistake Number 2: You’re Not Warming Up Your Face

When my dad taught me to shave he pointed out how important warming up your face was before shaving. At first, I listened but then as I got older and had to shave more often I started to sway from doing it as much. I used to always shave in a rush in the mornings before work or school and generally wouldn’t take the extra couple minutes to warm up my face before shaving. Consequently, I would always find my skin pulling when shaving and would notice a lot of irritation after shaving.

When you warm up your face before shaving it can help stand up the hair follicles making shaving much smoother. It also helps open up your pores and makes for a much cleaner shaving experience.

Man getting sprayed with water
Warm up your face before shaving!

So how do you warm your face up before shaving?

There are two simple ways to do this…

  1. If you shave after the shower, it’s easy to just let some hot water hit your face before shaving. You can also go ahead and actually shave in the shower but I find when I do this I always end up missing spots.
  2. If you’re not a morning shower person or looking to shave without hopping in the shower there’s an easy alternative. What I’ll do is just grab a facecloth and run it under hot water and then hold it on your face for a minute. I actually find this better than the shower as I can get the warmer water right before shaving.

A lot of guys I’ve seen shave skip this step and as a result are much more likely to cut their face and get irritation.

This is cheapest of the shaving mistakes to fix and will literally cost you an extra minute of your time for a much better shaving experience!

Mistake Number 3: You’re Not Caring For Your Skin After Shaving

For years I would finish up shaving, wash off my shaving cream and head out of the bathroom. When I was younger this was never a problem, however, as I got older this technique started to catch up to me. I started noticing my skin felt really “tight” after shaving and any facial movements just started to feel uncomfortable. I went to the old trusty Google and realized I’d been skipping a crucial part of the shaving process, the aftercare.

So what do I do know?

I started implementing a moisturizer to my post shave game plan. After washing off my face with cool water to close the pores and drying off I’ll put on some scent free moisturizer. It kills off all irritation I used to get after shaving and does wonders for your face. Also during Candian winters, I notice that using the moisturizer stops me from getting practically any pesky dry skin.

As a side note, I always notice my face looks greasy/slimy after the moisturizer for about 5 minutes so I try and wait that out before leaving the house. Usually by the time I’m done changing I’m good to go!

man with half of his face shaved and half with stubble
Remember to moisturize after shaving!

Now you’re probably asking, but Ryan, what about aftershave?

Aftershave can be a useful tool to have you smelling fresh after your shave and providing an antiseptic. I notice, however, when I go straight for my aftershave before moisturizer it does nothing for helping with the tight skin feeling. I’ll often opt for the only moisturizer route after shaving but when I do go for the aftershave I’ll only apply it after my moisturizer has “dried” to get the best of both worlds.

Not using moisturizer might be the most crucial of the shaving mistakes and will be the biggest game-changer in terms of improving your shaving experience!

football player rubbing his face feeling good after clean shave!
Nothing beats the feeling of a clean shave!


These are three of the major shaving mistakes I’ve found myself making. By swapping out your old dull razors for new sharp blades you’re going to get a much smoother shave with less dragging and irritation. Warming up your face with water before applying my shaving cream will also help with this irritation and lead to a smoother shave. Finally, when you’re all done shaving put on some moisturizer to help with the dry sensitive skin!

I guarantee if you stop making these 3 shaving mistakes your face is going to thank you! Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes and start having a more enjoyable time shaving!

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Let us know any shaving tips you guys have!