Month: February 2018

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor Review

Gilette is the popular cartridge razor company, dominating the shaving market with their key selling point being the . In this Gillette razor review, I’m going to go over the pros and cons of the razor and finally give my opinion on whether or not it’s worth it.       Gillette Razor Review For

Men’s Style Guideline: The Importance of Versatility

The next article in our Men’s Style Guideline series is going to cover the principle of versatility. Versatility is a key component in developing your wardrobe. In future articles, we’ll outline some of the key versatile pieces we think should be in every man’s closet. For the record when I say versatility I’m talking about clothes that can

Style Secret: Walmart has good clothes – T-Shirt Edition

I know everyone reading that title is thinking to themselves what is this guy on about. I’m not buying my clothes at the same place I can buy food. It’s a fair sentiment to make but if you can get past the weirdness of it, doing some clothes shopping at Walmart can up your style on the cheap.

Stop Making These 3 Stupid Shaving Mistakes!

If you’re a guy who likes the clean shaven look but is constantly cutting his face, not getting a clean shave or having irritated skin after shaving you have to read this! This will be Part 1 of a multipart series on how to shave and the best shaving gear on the market to have

Anson Belt Review: The Best Belts on the Market?

The belt world is beginning to change as we see the rise in popularity of micro-adjustable belts over traditional belts. Micro-adjustable belts remove the need for conventional holes and offer much more customization than conventional belts. One of the leaders of the belt revolution is the company Anson Belt & Buckle. As an owner of

Why You Need To Be Wearing Properly Fitting Clothes

I’m sure even as you read the title you were thinking to yourself … No Shit! This is one of those pieces of advice that we’ve all heard a 1000 times and for some of us apparently, 1000 hasn’t been enough. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen guys wearing all the right pieces to