Month: January 2018

Fedora Fashion: The Curious Case of the Fedora

In today’s style rant, I give my take on the polarizing men’s style discussion of fedora fashion.   Fedora Fashion History The controversial men’s headpiece was once a pillar of male style. Between the 20’s and 50’s, the fedora was a fashion must-have, with many well-known celebrities and stylish men wearing the hat; It was the go-to

Style Rants & Raves FAQ

Home to all Strapping Style Rants & Raves What are Strapping Style Rants & Raves? We all know that feeling, sitting quietly minding our own business when all of a sudden we see something that triggers us. We instantly feel the need to tell everyone all the problems with an outfit or trend. Our Rants &

Style Saturday FAQ

What is Style Saturday? This Category will highlight great outfits and styles worn by the most stylish people I know, you guys. Posts will be short write-ups with lots of pictures and posted every Saturday. We know you guys have some awesome personalized styles and we’d love to give you a platform to show them off!

Gym Style Guide: 5 Gym Style Mistakes

In Part 1 of our gym style guide, I’m going to talk about the biggest style problems I see at the gym. We’ll outline 5 major gym style mistakes I constantly see guys making and how we can avoid them to look our best at the gym. Overview Obviously, we’re at the gym to workout and